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Yay, yay, publication day!

Publication day was officially last Wednesday, but I'm still riding the high. Sadly, I was super sick last week and couldn't fully enjoy the excitement. But, now I'm all better (well, except for a pretty gross cough), and back online, back on my bike, back at work, back in the world. It's awesome.

If you guys read A Map of the Known World, or have any thoughts about it, or have seen it out in the world anywhere, drop me a line, leave a comment--anything! I want to hear from you. And don't forget about the online gallery...it's still up and it looks fabulous: www.photobucket.com/lisaannsandell

Finally, have you guys seen this before--it's pretty amazing! It's really cool to see what can be created, through collaboration and putting together the art of lots of people.